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Rowena Weinberg was a member of the Weinberg Family, the younger sister of Isaac Weinberg, the first wife of Ludwig Parvis and the mother of Cosette Weinberg.


Close up of Rowena's face in Chapter 23

Rowena is a petite woman with wavy neck-length dark red hair that has bangs hanging on either side (which Cosette Weinberg inherited) and brown eyes.

As a Grand duchess, she wore luxurious gowns with floral designs along with hair accessories like ribbons and headband.


Rowena was a pitiful young lady who was killed by the Edinburgh Family (Keira Parvis' family) who didn't like her being favored by the duke.


Rowena was the first wife of Ludwig Parvis, but Ludwig was indifferent to her and valued his work as the Duke of Parvis more. Nevertheless, she seemed to be loved by her husband as shown by their intimate relationship, and she was able to freely tell him her secret wish of naming their future children. Thus, it's presumed that she lived a happy life.

But her happiness didn't last long since Marquess Edinburgh wrongly accused her brother and framed him of scheming Duke Parvis' downfall, and he manipulated her husband to kick her out of the Parvis family after she failed to give birth to a baby. All these news spread like wildfire among the nobility, and hence Rowena was disgraced and divorced. Rowena discovered she was pregnant only after being divorced, but got insulted and harassed because of a misunderstanding and the Edinburgh family hired assassins to kill her.

She gave birth to a baby girl, but none knew of the baby's existence except her brother. Falling into despair, she made a contract with a demon to sacrifice her soul in order to save her daughter and get revenge on the Edinburgh family for ruining her and on Ludwig for abandoning her. Thus, the demon possessed her daughter whom she named Cosette, and left her in the care of Isaac Weinberg before dying.

List of Appearances[]


  • Chapter 3 (flashback)
  • Chapter 23 (mentioned)
  • Chapter 24 (mentioned)
  • Chapter 55 (mentioned)
  • Chapter 56 (flashback; mentioned)
  • Chapter 76 (flashback)


  • Chapter 3 (mentioned)
  • Chapter 45 (named; mentioned)
  • Chapter 70


Lude, are you listening? When we have a child together... If it's a son, I want to name him Christian. If it's a daughter, I want to name her Cosette. It's still embarrassing for me, so don't tell anyone else. It's our secret, okay?

Rowena to Ludwig Parvis about naming their child in Chapter 3


  • The name Rowena has many meanings depending on the different language:
    • In English, it means "Fame Joy".
    • In German, it means "fame and happiness".
    • In Welsh, it means "white spear or famous friend".


  • Rowena wanted to name her child Christian if she gave birth to a boy and Cosette if she gave birth to a girl (as said in Chapter 3 of the manhwa and Chapter 70 of the novel).