Actually, I was the Real One Wiki

This diary belonged to a previous spirit user of the Parvis Family. Although the owner of the diary's name is not disclosed, she's the elder sister of Evangeline Parvis and was born on January 25th, 591.

June 10th, 598

My baby sister was born. It is quite surprising because daughters are so rare and precious in my family. My parents rejoiced over the birth of another daughter. I was also very happy to have a cute little sister.

June 10th, 617

Evangeline awakened to her power. She said that elemantalists were much more beautiful than she imagined. When will I be able to see them?

December 20th, 617

Father worries that my time has passed for my manifestation. Normally, elemantalists awaken by the time they turn 25...

March 17th, 618

Father heard other aristocrats whisper that I might not be his real daughter. Infuriated, father punished them for defaming the reputation of House Parvis.

January 25th, 620

Only Eva wished me happy birthday. She consoled me and said not to care about what others say about me. Thank you, Eva.

April 11, 620

Father and mother raised their voices and argued. ...I think I know what they were quarreling about. I'm so afraid. What if I am not the real daughter of this house?

January 25th, 621

I'm 30 now. They say I'm the first one to have failed to awaken at this age. The atmosphere around the house if frigid. I'm afraid of the servants' eyes. I can't step outside of my bedroom. More than anything else, I'm afraid that I might bump into father. Evangeline, if only you hadn't been born in the first place... and hadn't awakened to your power at all, my life might not have been so difficult. How pathetic of me to blame my sister... I am hopeless.

January 25th, 622

Eva came in to see me through the window. She said she wanted to wish me happy birthday. The moment I held her hand, a cool, refreshing feeling wrapped around my arm. And a new world unfolded before my eyes. Water droplets gathered to form a small... mermaid? Maybe a wolf... or a bird? Surprised, I told Eva that I was seeing things, but she said that they were water elementals.

'You too, have the elementalist power.'

Resonance. After naming that mysterious phenomenon so, we formed a hypothesis.

'It occurred to me that I might be able to help you awaken, so I tried infusing elemental energy into you. I guess it stirred your latent ability temporarily. I tried the same on our servants, but no one showed any response like you did. The resonance only happens between the Parvis sisters...!'

But that was all, there was no more manifestation after that. It all felt like a dream.

October 11th, 623

Finally, I got to know what it feels like to 'handle elementals'! My manifestation came out of the blue. It happened without using any of the information or medicines I had been collecting. Eva shed tears of joy with me. I don't have to feel small about myself anymore. Finally, I could step out of my room confidently.