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Lady Stella’s Giddy Summer Holiday is a popular romance novel.


Lady Stella, the daughter of a low ranking government official, travels to the Capital for her eighteenth summer thanks to the funds she received from her newly married aunt. On her way there, she meets the young and handsome Count, Graham. The two spend the summer together and their romantic interest in one another grows over time. After the summer ends, Stella sadly returns back home. She gets an invitation to a ball where she once again meets Graham. Reunited, the pair confess their love for on another and the book ends with them getting married.


  • This novel has a side story.
  • This was the first novel Keira Parvis has ever read.

It was all thanks to my aunt who was married to a wealthy man, that I, the daughter of a petty official could enjoy summer holidays in the Capital. The summer of my 18th year was no different. I got into a carriage heading straight to the Capital...

"You are...?"

"Graham, my lady."

It was love at first sight. And from that moment on, the Count and I were inseparable, spending every waking moment together.

And one day...


He slipped his hand under my dress.


N-No... We mustn't! We're in a public garden, ahh...