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Keira Parvis is the protagonist of Actually, I was the Real One. She is a member of the Parvis Family.


Keira is very beautiful. She has long black hair and brilliant purple eyes. Although she often wears a stern expression, she is exceptionally beautiful when she smiles or blushes.


Keira is a very dignified person who pays close attention to noble etiquette. Although she comes off as stern and scary to the people around her, that couldn't be further from the truth. Keira lacks social skills, making her seem unapproachable and indifferent, but she secretly craves to make friends with the people around her.


Keira is the young grand duchess of Ludwig Family. After her mother died when she was really young, Keira began to seek love and attention from her father, Ludwig Parvis. However, despite her many attempts, she failed to receive any sort of recognition from her father. During her brother's 13th birthday celebration, Isaac Weinberg brought Cosette Weinberg and claimed that she was the daughter of the grand duke. After being admitted into the household, Cosette made friends with the maids and slowly turned everyone against Kiera with her charm. Two years later, Cosette manifested the ability to communicate with the spirits, solidifying her role as a daughter of the Parvis Family. Keira was immediately taken away and placed in a dungeon; she was sentenced to death.