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Keira's Cheat Sheet is a little sheet of paper that contains talking points and essential information commonly known amongst the noble ladies. It was created by the female knights in the novel and by Daphne Shore in the manhwa.

Joshua White: His number one song is 'Evening Glow of the Wolf River', which he played at his graduation concert. A must-pretend-to-know, unless you wish to be treated like a fool!

Salon Atriet: One of the hottest boutiques these days, established by a former Bijou designer after quarreling with Madam Vivien, the owner of the Salon Bijou. Never bring up this name since that would spark a fight between fans of Atriet and Bijou.

Mamonde: A super popular show that had three consecutive sold-out knights. A must-pretend-to-know, unless you wish to be disregarded as an uneducated person.