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Joseph Argos is the second son of the Argos Family and the Vice Captain of the Parvis Knights. He is also a close friend of Keira Parvis.


Joseph is handsome young man with silky black hair and deep green eyes. He also has a muscular figure, and wears a dedicated knight's uniform.


Joseph is somewhat of a strict person, especially to his colleagues. He highly respects his superiors, and treats everyone with a fair and honest gesture. He is determined in doing his job, and keeps a professional manner within his time for work.

Beyond his work-life circumstances, Joseph is very kind and caring. He cherishes the people he loves, and appreciates the moments he has with them. With Keira's change in approaching the knights, Joseph was not used to her sudden change of behavior, but he described her as more 'free' than ever.

In this life, he has grown lingering feelings for Keira, but this is unfortunately kept hidden. As he believes it is unruly for him to have taken a liking to his superior, whom he has respected and admired all his life.


Joseph became the Captain of the Parvis Knights through ability and hard work. However, he was demoted to Vice Captain after Keira Parvis came of age. Although the two often bickered, Joseph always respected Kiera as his higher up and beloved that it was an honor to be her subordinate.

First Life[]

When Keira was sentenced to death, Joseph risked his position and tried to persuade Ludwig Parvis. When his endeavors failed, Joseph created a plan to help Keira escape and run away. However, Keira accepted her fate, and the plan was destroyed.

Current Life[]

Her death was wished by almost everyone, except Joseph. His last wish was for her to finally be free, and live her life the way she desires.



  • The name Joseph, means God will add, taken away or praise, fame taken away.