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Erez Shore is a member of the Shore Family and a magician in the Magic Tower. He is also a good friend of Keira Parvis.


Erez is a handsome young man with golden blond hair and jewel-like blue eyes. He has bangs hanging on the left side, and has a mole under his right eye. He also has a muscular body, and extreme facial features.


Erez has somewhat of a laid-back attitude. He is carefree and bold, and doesn't care what other people think or say about him. He is teasing, and finds a little competition once in a while fun. Rarely, he can be a gentleman, seen with the act of kissing the back of Keira's hand, leaving her wondering how even he knows such things.

Despite his peculiar personality, he can be serious. Especially when business regarding the past both he and Keira knew is involved.


Erez is a talented magician who spends most of his time in the Magic Tower. Not relatively being close with his family, he hardly ever attends social gatherings despite being the successor. He also doesn't have a single interest in inheriting the position of the head.

From a deal with the Grand Duke Parvis, he casted Time Regression Magic that successfully turned back time to the 13th of August, 1295. He preserved Keira Parvis' memories, as the land was about to be taken over.

After the regression, the effect of the spell made him lose the memories of the past, but it was still somewhere in the back of his mind. Troubled, he decided to attend his family's annual banquet celebration, for courtesy's sake. Meeting Daphne there, she nags about him attending more often is a must, but he then sees the rumored Lady Parvis. Describing her as a beauty, Erez then realizes something after glancing at her.



  • Erez has a sweet tooth.
  • Erez is good at both swordsmanship and magic, with the latter being his forte.
  • Erez has never consoled anyone before, following his attempt to help Keira as his first.[1]

List of Appearances[]


  • Episode 5


  1. Episode 75