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The Diach Family is the ruling imperial family of the empire.



The Diach Family extends to the reigning Emperor and Empress. Alongside their children, Crown Prince Michael, and Princess Arabella.

With the debut of a girl who claims to be the long lost daughter of the Grand Duke, the Imperial Family had to take action. Unfortunately, they had no choice but to intervene such matters, even if it's just for the sake of settling the people's anxiety. Cosette Weinberg's sudden appearance marks a threat to the entire empire, as the oracle directly stated only one to be born from the Grand Duke, while the other one is doomed to bring disaster.

The Parvises does not involve their personal emotions, all for the greater cause. As seen from Ludwig's current behavior with his offspring, neutrality was a must for him. And the unknown fact on who was the real elementalist, the people were terrified with the thought of the fake bringing terror to the land sooner or later. Thus, the Emperor directly warned Ludwig Parvis with a reminder to make the correct decision. Involve his humanly emotions, to feel happiness he could never achieve, or to maintain noninterference, for an undesirable amount of loneliness.


  • The Empress of the Diach Family is one to have yet to make an appearance. The Emperor however, was briefly displayed only.