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Daphne Shore is the second daughter of the Shore Family. She is the younger sister of Erez Shore, and the first friend of Keira Parvis.


Daphne is a petite, young lady with light brown hair and blue colored eyes. She often has her hair on pigtails, and wears appropriate, formal dresses to be used on events.


Daphne comes off as a nice and gently lady to everyone. She is reliable and trustworthy, capable of helping Keira on preparing for Zekehart's birthday banquet. She can be considerate, leaving Keira assured that she doesn't feel offended on how she forget her name. (even though they already met)

Daphne also strongly wanted to find someone special for Keira on her family's planned banquet, displaying her caring and persistent side. She constantly finds a way to nag Erez whenever she can, as he was always cooped up in the tower.


List of Appearances[]

  • Episode 26
  • Episode 29
  • Episode 30
  • Episode 31
  • Episode 33 (mentioned)
  • Episode 45 (cameo)
  • Episode 56
  • Episode 57
  • Episode 81 (cameo)