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Cosette Weinberg is the main antagonist of I Am the Real One. She is a member of the Weinberg Family, the eldest daughter of Ludwig Parvis and Rowena Weinberg and the niece of Isaac Weinberg.


Cosette is a beautiful, petite lady with a fair, unblemished face and clear, distinct features. She has wavy waist-length hair with bangs hanging on each side like her mother while both her hair and eye color were inherited from her father, making some people believe she's shockingly the real long-lost daughter of the Grand Duke.


Cosette is shown to have a kind, bright and approachable demeanor toward everyone she encounters. She is friendly and helpful, even to those who are of lower status. Her social ranking in high society heavily increased, with more and more people believing her as the real daughter of the Grand Duke, all the while belittling the heartless fake. She was a woman who looks as if she can't kill a single bug, but strangely when you meet her eyes, goosebumps rise on your spine.

Oblivious of her true nature, Cosette is manipulative, cunning, and meticulous. She gains influence over people with her kindness and casts them aside once they have no use, or if they make mistakes that can damage her reputation.[1] She feigns innocence, for the impression of her as 'harmless' and often loses her cool when something or someone exploits her plans. Her stories of her former life as a commoner lessened the worries of those who were in the same position, making them relate and empathize with one another.


Cosette was born as the first child of Ludwig Parvis and Rowena Weinberg, but none knew of her existence until she was introduced at Zekehart Parvis' birthday party. She was born after her mother got kicked out of the Parvis family after being divorced, but her life was in danger because of the assassins hired by the Edinburgh family. Cosette was just a baby back then, and her mother was desperate to protect her.

Thus, her mother sacrificed her soul by making a contract with a demon to protect Cosette from the assassins and to get revenge on Ludwig and the Edinburgh family. Hence, the baby Cosette was possessed by the demon, and she was left in her uncle's care after her mother's death. But the real Cosette died the moment the demon possessed her, and the demon hatched its plan to bring the whole country into ruins.

First Life

Cosette's debut in Keira's perspective.

Cosette was introduced by Isaac Weinberg at Zekehart Parvis' birthday banquet as the Duke's 'real' daughter, and he chose to do it at his party to get as much attention as possible from the nobles. Ludwig agreed to Cosette's request of proving herself as his daughter since all that mattered to him was who inherited his blood. Thus, Cosette was allowed to live in the Parvis Estate temporarily, despite her past being a clean slate even after much investigation.

Everything about the young lady was suspicious since a commoner like her was able to naturally adapt to noble etiquette, and also acted like a noble lady without any prior training. When asked why her existence wasn't revealed all these years, Isaac claimed that she was raised by a commoner couple deep inside the woods to protect her which made him difficult to find her all these years.

Cosette approaches the maids with a smile.

Upon reaching the mansion, Cosette decides to eat breakfast with Keira. She was talkative, and complimented every little thing about her new life. She 'accidentally' tips the glass of water in the floor, while Keira finishes her food and leaves. She calms the maids down and tells them that she'll apologize to Keira first for disrupting her meal, leaving them astonished on how kind she is, and how similar her appearance is to the duke. A grin cracks open to the friendly smile in her face.

She then finds Keira alone, practicing swordsmanship. Amazed on the fact she was knighted, Keira coldly glares at her.

Current Life

Being introduced in the same time and place, Cosette arrived at the birthday banquet claiming the same things she said in the past. But with Ludwig Parvis' change of not accepting her too early, Cosette was once again allowed to temporarily live in the Parvis Duchy. Meeting Keira Parvis days later, she was surprised to have been greeted by the 'fake'. The two exchange warm smiles and a hand shake, leaving much undeserved tension.

Cosette adjusted easily in the mansion, and the employees who were weary of her at first, began to feel at ease in her presence. Kindness does win the hearts of many others after all, her plan was working perfectly, yet again.


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  • The name Cosette means "people of victory, little thing" in French and Greek.


  • Like Ludwig Parvis, Cosette's hair color differed in both the manhwa and the novel:
    • She has blonde hair in the manhwa.
    • She has silver hair in the novel.


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