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Beatrix is known as the Goddess of Water, and the savior of humanity.


Beatrix is seen with long brown hair, and an enormous, tall figure.




The House of Parvis, chosen by the Goddess of Water, were born elementalists. Passed on from generation to another, was a prophecy. A prophecy that will save the human race, depicted by the High Priest of the temple.

The prophecy foretold that, when the Grand Duke's daughter comes of age, she will be able to communicate with Beatrix, the Great Water Elemental. So that she may bring rain to the barren lands that had been cursed by the Demon Race. There will only be one who is to be born from him, while the other is a fake, who shall bring the distant lands endless terror.

A written fairy tale comprehends a girl that lived in a very chaotic world. As a war with the demon race raged on, forests were burned to ash, and the land went dry. A girl wished to stop the long fight, so she set out on a journey to meet the goddess. She continued to walk until... she reached a large lake. She lowered her head to relieve her thirst. At the very instant, water drops rose, and the goddess appeared. After quietly listening to the girl's story, the goddess held out her hand. Then the lake began to swirl, emitting bright light. Suddenly, elementals spread out in all directions like shooting stars. As the radiance from the elementals touched the demons, they melted away.

When their leader, the great demon Ragibach, fled back to the demonic world, the war finally ended. The elementals breathed life into the burned forests, they healed the injured... and created a large mirror to protect the human world from an attack by demons. They presented humans with a sparkling elemental crystal, and promised their safety. The world became peaceful. After that, people praised the girl as an elementalist, and sang songs in honor of her achievements.


  • The name Beatrix means "voyager, traveller" in English, Hungarian.
    • It can also mean "she who brings happiness; blessed" in Latin, Dutch.