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Arabella Diach is the first princess of the Imperial Family. She is the little sister of Crown Prince Michael, and the best friend of Keira Parvis.


Arabella is a beautiful young lady that has long, curly red hair, and bangs covering her forehead. She has golden eyes passed down to her.

She wears magnificent dresses that befit a princess.


Arabella displays herself in a distinguished and sophisticated manner. She can maintain proper savoir-faire, and is friendly to those she converses with. She respects those who are close to her, and is genuinely concerned when someone she favors is in an undesirable circumstance.

Arabella is afraid of being belittled and looked down upon, regardless of her position as a princess. Thus, her lack of communication with Keira from the incident, dissolved their relationship.


Born to be the first Imperial Princess of the empire, Arabella fulfilled her role properly. She often holds tea parties, salons, and picnics to gather around with other ladies her age. She has a substantial amount of influence, and gets along with everyone.

Arabella, wanting to cancel the salon she'll be hosting as she heard Keira was attending.

While listing the ladies who will attend the upcoming salon, she is then baffled by the sudden acceptance of her invitation by Lady Parvis. Suspicious of her true intent, she explains to her brother Michael the incident that stretched them apart.

In an ongoing new year's banquet, Princess Arabella takes the initiative to talk to the lonely lady. (Keira) She asks a popular topic within noble ladies, yet Lady Parvis only glared at her. Coldly even, as if everything she was saying was insignificant. Embarrassed, she slowly gets out of her way, and ends up with the misunderstanding. Keira never noticed her rude behavior. Due to a princess' deed for courtesy, Arabella only sent invitations to her out of politeness, since she would've never expected in a thousand years she would actually go.

The day of the salon came; Arabella and the other ladies weren't too happy to hear she was coming. Nevertheless, a special guest was there to join them. Sir Joshua White, a musician invited specifically by the princess. He admits he went solely because of Arabella, and so she gets the opportunity to test Lady Keira, with a song request. Using the cheat sheet Lady Daphne gave her, she quickly suggested the 'Evening Glow of the Wolf River', the song every lady knows he's confident to demonstrate. Arabella, skeptical of her knowing the latest trends, questions her knowledge on the matter.

Skipping to the important question, she asks why the Lady Parvis suddenly accepted her invitation, and Keira replies with the thought of marriage. Flustered and doubtful, the princess ends the salon with uncertainty. Greeting the lady off, she sees a piece of paper fall from her gown. Keira quickly notices this and ends up explaining the whole situation. Solving the misunderstanding, she is then embarrassed by the sudden conclusion she thought of. She is now advised by her brother to start a good relationship with her.

With Cosette's sudden debut, she was worried about Keira and addressed concern through a letter. In which, Keira was touched. Arabella frequently awaits Keira's arrival with her invitations, an indirect progress to their once stained relationship.

Inviting Keira once again to a tea party, she hurriedly welcomes her politely. Arabella teases Keira on not dropping her cheat sheet from now on, displaying her humorous side.

Arabella greets everyone who attended the picnic warmly.

Days after, she coincidentally meets Keira and Zekehart near the Imperial Library. She gets the chance to give an invitation for an upcoming picnic party she'll host. Keira thanks her, and Arabella is glad in meeting her again.

At the day of the picnic, Arabella mentions her plan for the ladies to gather around before the Hunting Competition starts. One of the few ladies mention love, in which they focus their attention on Keira. Seen with a magician and a knight, the ladies debated who was fit for her. Fascinated, they later ask Keira on who she'll marry (if ever) from the depicted two. Keira wasn't sure enough to decide.

Arabella, who was curious, then makes up an excuse to privately chat with her about the Hunting Competition. Having lots pf questions, the princess asks if marriage really was her goal. Keira ponders if she should really be honest, but the princess then suddenly admits how she felt somewhat closer to her than before. With such a heart-warming statement, she quickly makes the decision to tell the truth, in which Arabella replied with advice. She gains a deep conversation with Keira, which led to their relationship significantly strengthened.


  • The name Arabella is primarily a feminine name, and has multiple meanings. These include:
    • Latin has “prayerful”.
    • German has “eagle heroine".
    • Spanish has “little Arabian woman”.
    • English has “beautiful”.


  • Arabella dictates how Red Roses symbolize the current Imperial Family. These are kept in the Imperial Garden, and are with high priority in being stored.

List of Appearances[]

  • Episode 26
  • Episode 27
  • Episode 29
  • Episode 30
  • Episode 31
  • Episode 45 (cameo)
  • Episode 56
  • Episode 57
  • Episode 79 (mentioned)
  • Episode 80
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